(1/3) Introduction to Tibb

(1/3) Introduction to Tibb

Whole-Person Medicine and Healthcare | taught by Hakim M. Salim Khan

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Course description

Learn the foundations of Tibb, including the philosophy of Hikmah (wisdom), key definitions and subject matter, and the constitution of the human being (the four elements, the temperaments, and more).

This is course 1 of 3, of the Life Balance and Healthy Living Complete Bundle.

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Hakim M. Salim Khan
Hakim M. Salim Khan
M.D. (M.A.) M.H. F.G.N.I. D.O.

Principal of College of Medicine and Healing Arts.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Tibb – Whole-Person Medicine and Healthcare
Hakim Salim's Welcome Message
Welcome to: Introduction to Tibb
Article: Tibb – Whole-Person Medicine & Healthcare
Unit 1: Ḥikmah - The Philosophical Foundations of Tibb
ʿIlm – The Light of True Knowledge
Ḥikmah – The Unifying Paradigm
Diagram: The Epistemological Foundations
Tawḥīd – The First Principle and Methodology of Unification
Insān – The Human Being a Microcosm
aṭ-Ṭabīb al-Kāmil – The Perfected Physician
Notes and References
Podcast: The Search for Health
Quiz: Ḥikmah
Unit 2: Definitions and Subject Matter of Tibb
Subject Matter
Diagram: Subject Matter of Tibb
Quiz: Definitions and Subject Matter
Unit 3: Arkān - The Elements
Khawāṣ – Qualities and Arkān – Elements: an Energetic Paradigm
Diagram: Khawāṣ – The Four Basic Qualities
Earth – Water – Air – Fire
Diagram: Positions of the Elements
Elements and their Subtle Processes
Diagram: The Four Seasons
Notes and References
Quiz: Arkān - The Elements
Unit 4: Mizāj - Temperament
​Introduction and Definition
Khawāṣ – Qualities and Arkān – Elements: an Energetic Paradigm
Podcast: Mizaj - Temperament
​Origin of Temperament
Quote: Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
Diagram: Spectrum of Temperaments of the Whole Person
​Spectrum of Temperaments of Specific Organs
​Assessment of Mizāj – Temperament
Diagram: The Four Temperaments
Quiz: Mizāj - Temperament
Unit 5: Akhlāt - The Humours
Quote: Hippocrates on the Humours
​Nature and Variety of the Humours
​The Origins of the Humours
The Four Humours
Diagram: Elements, Humours and Seasons
​Notes and References
Quiz: Akhlāt - The Humours
Unit 6: A'dhā - The Organs
​Nature and Variety of Organs
A'dha Mufrīda: Simple Organs
​A’dha Murākiba: Compound Organs
Diagram: Gradation of Organs
​Notes and References
Quiz: A'dhā - The Organs
Unit 7: Arwāh - The Spirits
​Origin and Function of Rūḥ​
Aspects of the Vital Force
Quiz: Arwāh - The Spirits
Activity: Catch the Spring of the Day
Self-Assessment: Catch the Spring of the Day
Activity: Get In Your Elements
Self-Assessment: Get in Your Elements
Daily Meditation
Self-Assessment: Daily Meditation
Quiz: All Units (Advanced)
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