(2/3) Introduction to Life Balance

(2/3) Introduction to Life Balance

The Six Essential Factors & The Life Balance Wheel | taught by Hakim M. Salim Khan

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Course description

Learn how to maintain health and prevent disease. Assess the Six Life-Balance Factors in your own life, and implement health-promoting daily activities.

This is course 2 of 3, of the Life Balance and Healthy Living Complete Bundle.

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Hakim M. Salim Khan
Hakim M. Salim Khan
M.D. (M.A.) M.H. F.G.N.I. D.O.

Principal of College of Medicine and Healing Arts.

Course Curriculum

Hakim Salim's Welcome Message
Welcome to: Introduction to Life Balance
Introduction to Life Balance
The Six Lifestyle Factors
​The Prophet ﷺ as the Most Balanced Example
Diagram: The Lamp of Life
Podcast: Life Balance in Today's World
Quiz: Introduction to Life Balance and Healthy Living
Unit 1: Seasons and Air
Primary Functions of Air: Conditioning and Purification
Characteristics and Effects of the Seasons
Qualitative Influences of Air
Management of Seasonal Changes
Quiz: Seasons and Air
Unit 2: Food and Drink
Diagram: Tastes - Key to Understanding Food and Drink
Effects of Food
Principles of Healthy Eating
Effects of Drinks
Principles of Healthy Drinking
Article: Eat Right and Be Slim
Article: Making Friends with Food
Quiz: Food and Drink
Unit 3: Psychological Activity and Rest
The Quality of Thoughts
Emotional States and Vital Force
Developing Mental and Emotional Balance
Quiz: Psychological Activity and Rest
Unit 4: Physical Activity and Rest
Effects of Physical Activity
​Effects of Rest
Benjamin Franklin's Letter to His Son
Quiz: Physical Activity and Rest
Unit 5: Sleep and Wakefulness
Effects of Sleep
Effects of Wakefulness
Management of Sleep and Wakefulness
Mizāj and Sleep
Quiz: Sleep and Wakefulness
Unit 6: Elimination and Retention
Importance of Elimination and Retention
Causes and Effects of Retention
Causes and Effects of Elimination
Management of Elimination and Retention
Quiz: Elimination and Retention
Life Balance Wheel
Food Diary
Taste Activity
Step Towards Health
LB&HL Online Evaluation
Evaluation Form