(3/3) Alchemy in the Kitchen

(3/3) Alchemy in the Kitchen

Healing Recipes | taught by Hakim M. Salim Khan

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Course description

Learn unique recipes to enhance your health further. Enjoy a variety of activities and learn new methods to hand-prepare your own wholesome food, drinks, spices and cooking ingredients.

This is course 3 of 3, of the Life Balance and Healthy Living Complete Bundle.

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Hakim M. Salim Khan
Hakim M. Salim Khan
M.D. (M.A.) M.H. F.G.N.I. D.O.

Principal of College of Medicine and Healing Arts.

Course Curriculum

Hakim Salim's Welcome Message
Welcome to: Alchemy in the Kitchen
Saffron Elixir Tea
Health Benefits
Saffron Elixir Tea Recipe
Health Benefits
Roti/Chapatti/Paratha Recipe
Curry Powder
Health Benefits
Curry Powder Recipe
Garam Masala Powder
Health Benefits
Garam Masala Recipe
Ghee (Clarified Butter)
Health Benefits
Ghee Recipe
Health Benefits of Kitchari
Kitchari Recipe
Nabeez Date Drink
Health Benefits
Nabeez Recipe
Olive (Zaytoon) Oil
Health Benefits
Health Benefits of Lassi
Lassi Recipe
Pumpkin and Barley Soup
Health Benefits of Pumpkin and Barley Soup
Pumpkin and Barley Soup Recipe
Stuffed Dates Halwa
Health Benefits of Stuffed Dates Halwa
Stuffed Date Halwa Recipe
Health Benefits of Water
Wholemeal Bread
Health Benefits of Wholemeal Bread
Wholemeal Bread Recipe
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