Life Balance and Healthy Living Complete Bundle (Premium)

Life Balance and Healthy Living Complete Bundle (Premium)

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Join an inspiring and life-enhancing 3-course bundle where you'll learn the natural way to health and wellbeing.

In nature there is an intricate balance to be found in and between all creations, including us as human beings. The Life Balance and Healthy Living Complete Bundle, including both theory and activities, offers powerful healing practices and tools in the midst of our chaotic modern lives, all based on time-tested secrets of health and life balance that have universal application.

This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in natural medicine wishing to know more from the traditional Tibb (Unani) perspective.

Four Seasons Trees

In this 3-course bundle you will:

  • Deepen your connection with nature to enhance your life and health.
  • Learn and implement the secrets of staying healthy.
  • Discover your own unique temperament (mizaj), your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Learn to make practical connections between yourself and nature.
  • Gain an understanding the essential principles underpinning life balance.
  • Plan and implement ways to restore balance in your own life and health.
  • Learn to prepare a range of healthy spice mixtures.
  • Learn to prepare healthy dishes for yourself, family and friends.

Some key subjects covered are:

  • Definition and Subject Matter of Medicine
  • Philosophia Perennis
  • The Elements
  • The Temperaments
  • The Humours
  • Quality of Breathing and Air
  • Sleep & Wakefulness
  • Nutrition & Diet
  • Elimination & Retention
  • Physical Activity & Rest
  • Psychological States

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* 3 Courses, 27 units, 121 items
* 3 Courses, 27 units, 121 items
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* 11 Health-promoting recipes * 11 Health-promoting recipes 
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* 3 Exclusive Podcasts by Hakim Salim 
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Includes 3 courses listed below.

Life Balance and Healthy Living Complete Bundle (Premium) includes these courses

(1/3) Introduction to Tibb
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(2/3) Introduction to Life Balance
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(3/3) Alchemy in the Kitchen
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